May 27, 2013

More Workout Music

I have had requests for more songs to move to, so here are some favorites old and new:

Anna Sun: Walk the Moon
My Body: Young the Giant
Pump It Up: Elvis Costello
Metro: Berlin
50 Ways to Say Goodbye: Train
Baby I Don’t Care No More: Mason Ruffner
Harlem: New Politics
Devil With a Blue Dress: Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
Amsterdam: Guster
More Today Than Yesterday: Spiral Staircase
Radio Free Europe: REM
We Keep Running: Youngblood Hawke
I’m Still Standing: Elton John
I Wish I Looked a Little Better: Sparks
Everybody Talks: Neon Trees
White Wedding: Billy Idol
Chelsea Dagger: Fratellis
LOVE: Nat King Cole
Danny Dakota and the Wishing Well: Silent Film
Diane Young: Vampire Weekend
Entertainment: Phoenix
Land of Make Believe: Chuck Mangione
Bushwick Blues: Delta Spirit
Cadillac Ranch: Bruce Springsteen
Love Me Do: Beatles
Rock and Roll All Night: Kiss
The Cave: Mumford and Sons
All the Way From Memphis: Mott the Hoople
The One That Got Away: Katy Perry
Howling For You: Black Keys
Raise Your Glass: Pink
Give Me Everything: Pitbull
London Calling: The Clash

For cooling down and keeping me humming the rest of the day I never get tired of:
One Sunny Day: Citizen Cope
More More More: Air Traffic Controllers
Watching You Watch Him: Eric Hutchinson

May 19, 2013

Tennis Balls For Hip Relief

Tennis balls are a great inexpensive tool that can help reduce hip pain and tightness.  The pressure from the ball helps with myofascial release (eases up some of the tightness of your connective tissue).

Sit on the floor, take a tennis ball, and place it under the bottom of an imaginary back pocket.  You can be on straight arms or your elbows.  If you are tight here, this may be very painful. If you can tolerate it, place the foot from the same side of your body (ball under the right hip use your right leg) on your opposite thigh.  Hold for several seconds (the pain should lessen, but may not disappear), then roll the ball to a new spot.
This is most effective when done regularly; the best time to do it is right before a workout, but aim for at least once a day.  Chronic sitting and our sedentary lifestyle can cause or exacerbate hip pain.  This simple exercise can provide relief.

May 12, 2013

How To Get More Out of Your Workout

Stuck in a rut?  Here are some tips to get you over the plateau:

Play music: Research shows that those who listen to music while exercising feel like they are not working as hard.  Play faster music (140 beats per minute or more) and your pace will naturally pick up.  Try these links for some great workout song ideas:
Stand up: You burn more calories and force your supporting muscle groups to work when you stand rather than sit.
Focus on movement not muscles: If you choose more “functional” exercise such as squats and lunges, you will burn more calories and target more muscle groups than single muscle exercises such as hamstring curls or quad extensions.
Go outside: Research shows there is a psychological benefit to spending time outdoors.  Ditch the treadmill and walk or run outdoors.  Your mood and body will thank you.
Cheat your reps: Grab a heavier than normal dumbbell for biceps curls.  Start with right arm bent with the hand at the shoulder.   Slowly lower the weight until the arm is straight.  Use the left arm to assist bringing the weight back up, then lower again without assistance.  (This form of assisted negatives can be done using a variety of muscle groups.)  You will be able to lift more weight without needing a spotter.  More weight means better results.