September 25, 2011

Music to Move to

Music is the one distraction that can make your workout feel easier without actually reducing your intensity. Research is ongoing as to the psychological and physiological reasons for this, but it is clear that music helps most people work out more frequently, and for longer periods of time.
There is no right or wrong music for working out, pick what you like.  For cardiovascular workouts, a tempo of 140-170 beats per minute (BPM) will keep you energized.  Recommended tempos for weight training are slower; from 100-130 BPM.  However, if you prefer a faster tempo then go for it. If you tend to “lift to the beat”, then try to lift on every other beat.  That will help you avoid using momentum, a side effect of fast music.  These two websites list BPM for some popular songs, and can help you find songs for your playlist. 

Below is a list of songs (BPM 140-170) that helped get me through training for my one and only 5K:
Reet Petite: Jackie Wilson
Such Great Heights: The Postal Service
Radio Free Europe: REM
Underdog: Spoon
Rock and Roll Never Forgets: Bob Seeger
It’s All Been Done: Bare Naked Ladies
I Want To Know: Mavericks
Going For The One: Yes
Forget It: Breaking Benjamin
Sherry Darling: Bruce Springsteen
Heat Treatment: Graham Parker
Amsterdam: Guster
Paint It Black: Rolling Stones
Dog Days Are Over: Florence and the Machine
Strangers When We Meet: Smithereens
Raised By Wolves: Voxtrot
Harder To Breathe: Maroon 5
Roll To Me: Del Amitri
All In: Lifehouse
One O’clock Jump: Count Basie
Uprising: Muse
Viva La Vida: Coldplay
Take Five: Dave Brubeck
Veronica: Elvis Costello
Break Me Out: Rescues
In The Mood: Glen Miller
Little Lion Man: Mumford & Sons
The Middle: Jimmy Eat World
Half A Boy Half A Man: Nick Lowe
What Do All the People Know: Monroes
Crawling From the Wreckage: Dave Edmunds
Another Sunny Day: Belle and Sebastian
Bits and Pieces: Dave Clark Five
Traveling Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Reptilia: Strokes
Valencia: Decemberists
Runaround Sue: Dion
Run: Snow Patrol
Come Dancing:  The Kinks
Jole Blon: Gary US Bonds

Feel free to send me your suggestions.  In addition, a note to my clients and class members; I am always open to requests.

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