December 16, 2012

No Fitness Post This Week

There is nothing I could write this week that would not seem senseless or trivial.  I cry for pain that I can only imagine.  There will always be sick and evil people in the world; however, we need to ask why our country leads the world in such senseless tragedies. Guns are not the only problem; look at the violence in our tv shows, movies and games.  How many children are playing shoot to kill video games right now?  When did pretending to kill in graphic violent games become considered fun? We may blame it on the mentally ill, but with funding decreased, how can we identify and help those who are sick?  Look at the media and the coverage of mass murders; you know the killers, but do you know the names of the victims?
No one is talking about taking guns from sane and responsible gun owners, but opponents of gun control block laws to keep them from the criminal and mentally ill. I have yet to see anyone come up with a remotely plausible need for assault rifles.  
These are the names of the adults killed by the shooter at the school.  All were school employees, who died protecting their students. I cannot even contemplate writing the names of the children.  Remember also the unnamed teachers who helped keep so many others safe. 
Mary Sherlach,
Anne Marie Murphy
Lauren Rousseau
Dawn Hochsprung
Rachel Davino
Victoria Soto
Perhaps we can honor their memory with a civil discourse on our problems.  Take responsibility for your own words and behavior.  May we all hug our loved ones and seek to make this a better world.    

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