August 5, 2012

Six Reasons To Fire Your Personal Trainer

  1. He talks on the phone, chats with other gym members or texts during your session.  (This is your time, need I say more?)
  2. She sells or recommends vitamins or supplements, or gives you a diet to follow.  Personal trainers should be up to date on nutrition, but unless your trainer is a Registered Dietician, she is stepping out of her field of practice by the above.
  3. He times how many reps you can do in a minute.  Competition, either with yourself or a fellow trainee can be fun and motivating on occasion, but it mostly leads to poor form, and eventually injury.
  4. She gives you the same program as every other client.  We all have different goals and fitness levels, if the program is not individualized, what are you paying for?
  5. He gives you the same exercises every session.  It is true that you will see strength gains when you repeat the same exercise over time, but if you never change your routine your muscles will adapt, and you will hit a plateau.
  6. She yells or pushes you too hard.  This is another avenue to injury.  You should never be in pain after a session.

There are plenty of excellent trainers out there, do not let yourself settle for less than the best.

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