August 26, 2012

How To Afford A Personal Trainer

Before you can fire your trainer ( you need to be able to afford one.  There are several easy ways to economize:
1. Train at off peak hours.  Most trainers are busy in the morning, late afternoon and evenings.  If you have flexibility in your schedule, see if you can find a trainer who will discount an early or mid afternoon session.
2.  Book a shorter session.  If an hour is out of your price range, book for 30 or 45 minutes. Suggest that you perform your warm-up and cool down on your own.
3.  Share a session.  If you have a friend with similar goals, see if you can split the cost.
4.  Try small group training.  Many gyms and training studios offer small group classes.  These are a great way to get personal instruction at a reduced cost. 
5.  Buy just a few sessions.  Ask the trainer to write a program for you to follow on your own.  You will benefit from an assessment and an individualized plan.   Arrange to meet with the trainer a few times a year to update your program.
6. Barter.  See if the trainer will accept your services or products in exchange for training sessions.

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