July 22, 2012

Five Ways To FIre Up Weight Loss

!. Give up on the “magic pill”.  Despite the infomercials, there are no quick fixes or easy ways to lose weight. Those who lose weight quickly usually put it right back on, and add a few pounds in the process.  Ask yourself how long it took to put the weight on.  Take it off slowly and you are more likely to keep it off.
2. Write it down.  Keep a journal of what you eat, as well as your physical activity.  Most people underestimate how much they really eat.  Keeping an honest account will make you more aware, and inspire you to eat less: Seems most people do not want to write down that second piece of cake, so a journal helps them avoid eating it.
3.  Measure your food until you are familiar with appropriate portions (  Read labels carefully.  A quick glance of a product might show only 100 calories per serving, but the package that you demolish in 5 minutes may contain two servings.
4. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  You can do it all at once, or in 10 minute chunks.  Exercise helps raise your metabolism (which slows as you lose weight), and plays a crucial role in keeping the weight off.
5.  Before you eat anything, focus in on your hunger.  Are you really hungry, or do you just feel like eating?  Are you stressed, tired or bored?  Are you eating out of habit (tv goes on, food goes in)?  Identify the real reasons causing you to eat.  You may find that you are not really hungry. Change the habit causing that trigger and the hunger (and pounds) will melt away.

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