July 1, 2012

Do You Tell Rational Lies?

Are you telling yourself rational lies?  Rationalizing is something we all do, but it is especially common in health and fitness.  However, most rational lies are just dressed up excuses. Below are some rational lies you may be telling yourself about fitness:
  • “No time to workout”.  Do you think all those who do workout have more free time than you do?  Of course not, they have simply prioritized exercise. Take a realistic look at your schedule; how many hours do you spend at the tv or computer?  You may choose to keep sitting, but admit that the screen is your priority, not that you have no time to exercise.
  • “I’m too tired to workout.”  Most of us are exhausted from our stressful and busy lives, but exercise is a better energizer than caffeine.  Force yourself into “just five minutes” of activity, and you will probably find you feel good enough to complete a workout.
  • “I have back/knee/hip/etc problems.”  Exercise makes almost every physical ailment better.  Find a reputable trainer and learn to strengthen the muscles supporting the injured area, you will feel better all over.
  • “I can’t afford a gym”.  This may be true, but walking and running are free. If you are on medication for diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, sticking with a fitness program can lower your medical costs as your need for medication goes down.
Rethink your rationalizations, are they a real barrier or rational lies?  Take responsibility for each one and you will be left with no excuses and the results you want.

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