January 12, 2014

Secrets Your Personal Trainer Will Not Tell You

1.You get the same workout as everyone else.  In fact, your workout may be the same one your trainer does.  Make sure your workout is individualized to you.

2.What you do 2-3 hours a week with your trainer is way less important than what you do with the rest of your time.  Your results depend more on how you exercise and what you eat when you are not with your trainer, than your sessions with him or her.

3.Your trainer may be giving you a little extra.  Make sure he or she washes hands, or at least uses hand sanitizer between clients.

4.You do not need your trainer. If you know your workout by heart, if your trainer is not motivating you, or at least making it fun, you may be better off working out on your own.

5.You can save money by splitting the bill.  Most trainers will give a discount for training two or more at the same time.

6.Diet and/or nutrition advice may be way off the mark.  Unless your trainer is a Registered Dietician or has advanced nutrition training, he or she is unqualified to give out diet plans or to recommend supplements.

7.Selling supplements to clients is considered unethical by many professional organizations.  Some gyms require trainers to sell supplements,  it can be a great money stream for trainers, be very wary of product pitches.

8.His or her certification may be meaningless.  Anyone can get a piece of paper.  Look for a trainer who is certified through programs accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).  ACE, NASM, NSCA and ACSM certifications are among the best

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