March 24, 2013

Dead Bug Variations

Not only is the dead bug a great exercise for your abs and back (see post, but there are multiple variations to keep you progressing.
Before you progress make sure you can maintain neutral spine (again, see previous post) while your arms and legs are moving.  This can be extremely difficult at first, as you really need to tune in to what your body is doing.  Do not be discouraged if you do not “feel it” in the beginning, it may take a great deal of practice until you connect your mind and body. 
Once you can feel and maintain neutral spine with your feet on the ground, add just arm movement. Once you are successful with this, try lifting and lowering one (bent leg).  Next you can try lifting the opposite arm and leg at the same time.  After you are successful with this (keeping a neutral spine, moving the opposite arm and leg AND breathing) you can add some progressions:

1. Start with legs bent in the air and arms straight; then move the opposite arm and leg towards the ground.

2. Start with legs straight in the air, and again, move the opposite arm and leg.

3.  Move the same arm and leg (this is actually harder to stabilize).

Make sure you can keep perfect form before you add any variations,

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