September 23, 2012

Five Common Weight LossTraps To Avoid:

1.      Thinking it is ok to eat more because you exercised.  Exercise is key to keeping weight off, but one hour on the treadmill does not give you license for a second dessert.  Ignore the “calories burned” display (they are seldom accurate), and treat yourself with a non-food reward.
2.      Maintaining that you do not eat much.  Most people severely underestimate how much they eat.  The only way to be accurate is to keep a food journal, and to record each item when you eat it.
3.     Eating only “low fat, low carb, organic, vegan, vegetarian, natural or gluten free foods”.  None of these terms mean low calorie (or are necessarily even healthy).  Read labels, make note of ingredients, nutrition data, and especially serving size.
4.      Keeping your exercise routine the same.  Not only is this boring, but your body will adapt, and results will be harder to come by.  Change up your sessions, add intervals, try a different machine or class.
5.       Hating to exercise.  It is almost impossible to keep weight off without exercise.  If you hate it, I believe you just have not found the mode right for you.  I go into each class and session with a client hoping to make it the highlight of her day.  That may be a little too optimistic, but I feel there is an enjoyable fitness option for everyone.  Zumba is popular because it is fun and accepting of all, boot camps are popular for the sense of camaraderie and “getting through it” they inspire.  Keep trying, and you will find an activity that makes you feel and look good.

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