January 30, 2012

Rescue Your Resolutions

How are those New Years Resolutions?  Have they been banished to the guilt region in the back of your brain?  The problem is most likely not with you, but with your resolutions. There is a good chance your resolution was too broad (lose weight, exercise more), or extremely difficult (lose 50 pounds, exercise an hour every day).

Change your goals to specific, doable and positive goals and they will be much easier to keep.  Instead of vowing to lose weight, focus on small changes you can make to get there:
  • Drink 2 glasses of water before each meal. (Studies have shown this helps people lose weight).
  • Eat with your non-dominant hand. (This will cause you to eat slower, another proven way to eat less).
  • Use a smaller plate.  (Most people will be satisfied with less food when the plate is smaller).
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.  (Instead of depriving yourself, fill up on healthier foods).
Find what motivates you and use that as an incentive. Write your goals down, and tell people about them.  Program yourself for success; it is not too late to get back on track.

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