August 7, 2011

Working the Lower Abdominals

Do not waste your time and money on products or programs that promise to sculpt your lower abdominals.  It is impossible to work just the lower portion of your abs. The abdominals are made up of four muscle groups; the rectus abdominus, transverse, and internal and external obliques.  Muscles fire on an “all or none” principle, you cannot work just part of a muscle, nor can you target fat loss in one area.  Products that promise to target the lower part of your abs are selling you a false premise; it is physiologically impossible to work just the lower portion.
Visible toned abs are only available to those with a low percentage of body fat (we all have those muscles, but they are usually obscured by fat).  You too can have a six-pack; all you need to do lose the fat hiding them.  That of course means controlling your eating and performing both cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercises.  There is no easy way or magic product that will give you a six-pack.  But you already knew that, didn’t you?

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