March 7, 2011

Slow down to speed up results

Not getting results at the gym?  Could be you are thwarting yourself by lifting weights too quickly.  Rushing through a set by fast speed reps can minimize your results and increase your chance of injury.  High speed reps rely more on momentum, and reduce the amount of work your muscles actually do.  In addition, high speed puts more stress on the joints as you are likely to hyperextend or lock them.  A good tempo is to take two seconds to lift a weight, and four seconds to lower.  You may find you need to lower your weight when you slow down, proof that you have been relying on momentum more than your muscles.
You can also try a technique known as super slow training.  With this technique you take about ten seconds to lift a weight, and ten seconds to lower.  This minimizes momentum and ensures your muscles do more work.  Super slow has plenty of advocates, but studies are mixed as to whether results are better than traditional weight training.  The major drawback is super slow training can be mind numbingly boring.   However, you do not have to do an entire workout super slow.  Try mixing up super slow with regular tempo. It will keep your mind and muscles involved.

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