December 18, 2010

NEAT to lose weight.

Here are some more tips to help you prevent those dreaded holiday pounds:
Make your workouts more intense: You can make up for working out less by working out harder for a shorter period of time.
Take the batteries out of your remote control.
Save yourself the aggravation of circling for a close parking spot, choose one far away.
Take the stairs.
Hold a walking meeting.
Wash dishes by hand.
Walk around while you are on the phone.
Chew gum.
Stand instead of sitting.
Pace while waiting at an airport or bus terminal.
Perform squats while you wash your hands or brush your teeth.

Most of these tips take advantage of Non-Exercise Thermogenesis (NEAT), which is the amount of calories you burn while NOT exercising.  For most of us, the calories we burn by actual exercise are negligible.  It is the calories we burn while not exercising that can make a long-term difference in weight.  Obese people may burn 350 fewer calories a day because they move less.  Therefore, while it may seem trivial, little extra movements all day really do add up.  I do not want to minimize the importance of exercise, but in the weight battle (especially during the holidays), every little bit helps.  Start fidgeting, and increase your NEAT.

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