November 23, 2010

Easy tips to avoid holiday weight gain

As we approach the holidays, here are some tips to help you avoid putting on those extra pounds:
Beware liquid calories:  Those drinks go down easy (with and without alcohol), but the calories still count.  One trick to try; use a tall skinny glass.  The height fools the brain; you will  pour less in and therefore drink less.
Opt for smaller plates:  This fools the brain into thinking there is more food, and you will take and eat less.
Do not serve food family style:  Dish out the portions (on smaller plates!) away from the table so you need to get up for seconds.
Socialize more: You wouldn’t talk with your mouth full right?
Move more: Moderate exercise after a large meal can actually help prevent some of the short-term damage you have done to your arteries.  Gather the tribe and opt for a walk instead of watching another bowl game.
Enjoy!  Do not deprive yourself.  If you try to avoid all fattening foods, you may up binging instead.  Moderation works much better in the end.

                   Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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